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Thermal Management

LED lamps hate heat. This is because they cannot produce infrared radiation like an incandescent. To meet the challenge of providing the most efficient thermal management, we have developed CrystalCool™ technology, the world's smallest active heatsink.


Through our research we have developed a diamond faceted Micro Lens Array (MLA), which we feature in our LEDchroic™ lamp portfolio. With their ultra low glare, evenly distributed light, LEDchroic™ lamps are a true halogen replacement both in quality of light and lens appearance.

Lumen Maintenance

LED lamps do not burn out like incandescents. Instead they gradually dim over time. An LED lamp "dies" once it's only emitting 70 percent of its original lumen output.

Power Factor

Power Factor is the ratio of the real power to apparent power. It is a measure of how effectively electrical power is being used. The most efficient LED lamps have a power factor close to "1" or 100%.

Colour Temperature

You know how when you look at different lamps, some can have a distinctively cool blue colour or a yellow colour?  We call this the light's colour temperature (CCT), and it is expressed as a temperature in Kelvin (K).

Colour Rendering

Have you ever noticed that certain colours look very different under sunlight than they do under a street light? How a colour is seen under a light source is called colour rendering. Colour rendering is rated using the Colour Rendering Index, or C-R-I.

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