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AU-BZ703Aurora m7™ Bezel 78mm Polycarbonate IP65

Aurora m7™ Blende 78 mm Polycarbonat IP65

AU-BZ700Aurora m7™ Bezel 78mm Aluminium IP65

Aurora m7™ Blende 78 mm Aluminium IP65

AU-FRLM10EMPack 3 Stunden Emergency Pack

3 Stunden Emergency Pack. Umrüstung dimmbarer und nicht-dimmbarer LED-Downlights der M-, C- und D-Reihe bis zu 13W. LED-Treiber und NiMH-Batterie in einer Netzhülle enthalten. Kann nachträglich in vorhandene Installationen eingebaut werden.

AU-FF133 Pole 16A FastRFix™ Luminaire Connector

Registered Community Design - DM/086700.Versatile lock and release FastRfix electrical connector.Fully enclosed to comply with I.E.E wiring regulations.Screwless cover and cable clamps allow faster and easy installation.3 Pole with loop terminal - 16A.4 Pole version for emergency lighting installations - AU-FF04.Large terminals for easy wiring.Compatible with previous Fastfix AU-FF03.Compatible with comparable products on the market.Tested by Nemko to BS EN/IEC 61535:2009 +A1 Installation couplers intended for permanent connection in fixed installations.Tested by Nemko to BS 5733:2010 + A1: 2014 General requirements for electrical accessories

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