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12/240V AC IP65 Verstellbarer Universal Kompakt-Deckenstrahler mit Brandschutz

The only Fire Rated Downlight that we know of that is suitable for ANY Bulb technology (halogen, CFL, or LED), along with allowing insulation material to be placed on top of the fitting guard. It also comes fitted with a GU10 lampholder .A truly great product which solves all your specification and installation needs in 1 fell swoop.


  • Eingangsspannung (Max): 240 V
  • Eingangsspannung: AC
  • Dimmbar: Ja
  • Sockel: GU10
  • Leuchtmittel: GU10
  • Positionseinstellung: Adjustable
  • Höhe (mm): 132 mm (H)
  • Gesamtdurchmesser (mm): 95 mm
  • Ausschnitt Durchmesser Min. (mm): 85 mm
  • Einbautiefe (mm): 117 mm (RD)
  • Registered Community Design - 001926429 European Patent - EP1726873B1
  • Universal fire rated downlight allows the use of short-form halogen, CFL and LED lamps
  • Increased ventilation slots allow heat from all lamp types to be effectively dissipated
  • Fitted insulation cover cap allows the downlights to be IC rated - covered with insulation material if necessary. Downlight insulation guard not required
  • Tested in 30, 60 & 90 minute fire rated ceilings, 2 Year guarantee
  • Reduced recess depth for shallow ceiling voids
  • Supplied with GU10 lampholder fitted and optional MR16 lampholder for freedom of lamp choice
  • Integrated intumescent material completely seals the downlight and cut-out in the event of a fire
  • Tested to BS476 Part 21
  • Tested to BS EN ISO 140-3:1995 & BS EN ISO 140-6:1998 (Acoustics) confirming that they maintain the ability for an internal or separating floor to provide sound insulation

    SKU CodeFarbe Blende
    AU-UNIF792PCPoliertes Chrom
    AU-UNIF792SNSatin Nickel
    AU-UNIF792MWMatt Weiß

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