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12V DC Polycarbonat IP65 LED-Positionslicht


  • Eingangsspannung (Min): 12 V
  • Eingangsspannung (Max): 12 V
  • Eingangsspannung: DC
  • Dimmbar: Nein
  • Schutzklasse: IP65
  • Höhe (mm): 49 mm (H)
  • Gesamtdurchmesser (mm): 49 mm
  • Ausschnitt Durchmesser Min. (mm): 35 mm
  • Einbautiefe (mm): 50 mm (RD)
  • IP65 LED marker light suitable for stair, corridor and kitchen plinth lighting
  • White LED
  • NON-REPLACEABLE LEDs with up to 30,000 hours life makes fittings ideal for inaccessible locations
  • Total power consumption of 0.4W for highly efficient operation and low operating costs (Due to the nature of LEDs a slight colour variation from lamp to lamp is possible)
  • Fitted with 1m of cable for connection to a constant voltage LED driver
  • Not suitable for mounting in solid walls
  • A minimum of 3 marker lights must be connected to a 12V DC LED driver
  • Cool operating temperature
  • Non-dimmable

    SKU CodeWattage
    AU-LED/WU651PB.4 W
    AU-LED/WU651PC.4 W
    AU-LED/WU651W.4 W

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